Mekan Atölye-III: İçine Çekildiğim Dünya

16 November 2016– 23 January 2017

Curated by Lütfi Özden and Esra Oskay Malicki, and produced through The Department of Culture and Tourism’s GENÇDES Project, the exhibition “Mekan Atölye-3/İçine Çekildiğim Dünya” opens on Wednesday, November 16th at CerModern. It’s an exhibition that aims to bring together localized and insulated exhibition spaces with the practices and the freedom of a workshop. It may be viewed at the Main Exhibition Hall in CerModern until December 31st.


“In a life purged of its clothes, the distance between reality and ourselves gets ever shorter, becoming increasingly visible. The exhibition Mekan / Atölye -3 suggests a holistic production and sharing in light of this world's reality in which young artists live and into which they are attracted.


In this context, Mekan / Atölye -3 is a wide space for encounters made up of the grains that, from their mental layers, touch their bodies and reach into life. It tries to look at the atelier, generally imagined as a place of introspection, through its cracks and holes. So it begins by translating the exhibition space into an atelier; the one that has been concluded into an opening. It catalyses an exchange of breath between these two spaces, these ebbs and flows between two times that we’ve come to place in opposition. It contains the state of being in contact with reality in the flow of life as often as breathing in and out, the changes to the visibility of the works in the exhibition that may occur throughout the exhibition, and their new forms that are reached through additions and subtractions. In that regard, Mekan / Atölye-3 is the process where the limits are removed and questioned.”



Mert Acar, Kübra Aytöre, Can Bilen, Uğur Bişirici, Gamze Göçer, Tolga Alper Güzelsoy, Aslı Karaaslan, Hazel B. Kılınç, Büşra Özdemir, Umut Reyhanlı, Zeynep Sağır, Onur Sancu, Ceren Solmaz, Emre Subaşı, Eda Gizem Uğur, Zeynep Üçöz, Seniha Ünay, Nilay Yılmazkurtdağ