Game and Politics

5 April - 18 May 2019

A computer game is never just a game!


Since the 1970s, the genre of computer games has undergone rapid development. Its rudimentary forms at the outset, such as PAC-

Man or Super Mario, have now been transformed into wide-ranging configurations of various worlds and regularly reflect or challenge complex social realities. Today the computer games are considered as a new medium for artistic expression.


Following stations in cities such as San Francisco, Bucharest, São Paulo and Istanbul Games and Politics will now be presented at CerModern in Ankara. The exhibition examines how computer games unfold their political potential in a playful way. Based on politically ambitious computer games of the last thirteen years, the exhibition seeks to discover the scope and limits of the genre and projects an opposing position for it within the entertainment industry.


The exhibition includes 18 computer games, 16 of which visitors

can experience actively. They represent current social issues and challenges: precarious working conditions (Sunset), gender issues (Perfect Woman), consequences of armed conflict (This War of Mine), treatment of immigrants and refugees (Escape from Woomera), the security state (TouchTone) and revolutions against totalitarian systems (Yellow Umbrella).


Küratörler / Curators:

Stephan Schwingeler, Jeannette Neustadt-Grusche, Sophie Rau

Çeviri / Translation:

Jonathan Uhlaner (EN), Bilge Barhana (TR), Öznur Özdal (TR)

Sergi hazırlıkları ve kurulum / Exhibition preparation and installation:

Alexander Charisis


The exhibition Games and Politics, a cooperation by the Goethe-Institut and the Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe (ZKM) is presented at CerModern in cooperation with the Bilkent Universi Communication and Design Department.



Program / Programme


9 Nisan, Salı 13:30-16:30

COMD 354-Oyun Tasarımı ve Araştırma, Öğrenci Sunumları

9 April, Tuesday 13:30-16:30

COMD 354 - Game Design and Research, Student Presentations


13 Nisan, Cumartesi / 14:00

Elif Sürer (ODTÜ, Informatics); Son Uygulamalar, Ciddi Oyunlar Araştımalarında Fırsatlar ve Zorluklar

13 April, Saturday / 14:00

Elif Sürer (METU, Informatics); Recent Practices, Opportunities and Challenges in Serious Games


20 Nisan, Cumartesi / 14:00

Levent Y. İnce (Bilkent, COMD), Naz Almaç (Baskent, RTC) Oyun Tasarım Çalıştayı

20 April, Saturday / 14:00

Levent Y. İnce (Bilkent, COMD), Naz Almaç (Baskent, RTC); Game Design Workshop


27 Nisan, Cumartesi / 14:00

-Efe Alpay (Reo-Tek) AR/VR Oyun Süreci, Üniversite/Endüstri İşbirliği

-Çağıl Ömerbaş (Bahcesehir, FTV) Oyunlarda Güç İlişkileri

27 April, Saturday / 14:00

-Efe Alpay (Reo-Tek); AR/VR Game Process, University/Industry Collaborations

-Çağıl Ömerbaş (Bahcesehir, FTV); Power Relations in Games


4 Mayıs, Cumartesi / 14:00

-Murat Yılmaz (Çankaya, CENG), Mustafa Dinç (Bilkent, COMD), Refik Toksöz (Reo-Tek) Panel: AR/ VR Uygulamaları

-Eray Tüzün (Bilkent, CS) Yazılım Mühendisliğinde Ciddi Oyunlar ve Oyunlaştırma

4 May, Saturday / 14:00

-Murat Yılmaz (Çankaya, CENG), Mustafa Dinç (Bilkent, COMD), Refik Toksöz (Reo-Tek); Panel: AR/VR Applications

-Eray Tüzün (Bilkent, CS); Serious Games and Gamification in Software Engineering