Second Door Container Exhibition / Curators: Elif Varol Ergen and Zeynep Aran

04 -19.06.2010

The alienation, indifference and lost of credibility as a yield of the offensive and abrasive system of the period is obliged the development of continuous replacement and social passivation indeed. The individual has re-designed the ordinary concepts in variable environments and process. The new definitions of the variable values are something like the expression of a period even at our homes that are the most reliable shelter for this modern misery and alienation. The second door is a foreigner in our midst and environment and it is also behind the wall that we wonder about it or discomfort us.


The exhibition of “Second Door” has been examining the neighborhood concept; the social troubles that the modern people faced as a result of their experience, alienations, lack of changing and sharing and in other words, it has been also examining the variable meaning of this social concept.


Why container as an exhibition area?


The art objects that have been produced in multi-disciplines for the exhibition has been brought close together on the variable grounds not only for the representing the uncertainty raised by discontinuity but also reflecting with the rational expression. The transporter containers that are next door neighbors for one month has been selected to define how the neighborhood concept has been forgotten or lost in our collective memories without ignoring the systematized environment or location at a short glance.


The Container Exhibition was formed by the ending our efforts to search for continuous alternative location that is in contrast with the white wall structure of the galleries in the Traction (Cer) Modern and even it was established to take further step out of this new and fresh breathed structure. Due to the fact that the exhibited arts have been read independently, when they have been brought into the containers, these could be played different roles on the minds and thus, it has been planned to be transformed into the current art show that will make marks beyond the familiar appearance and sound regarding the Second Door Exhibition over the art viewer of Ankara.


Second Door exhibition can be seen at the containers that replaced in Cer Modern parking area on the 4th of June and the following two weeks.


Elif Varol Ergen – Zeynep Aran.


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